About Us

The Detroit River-Western Lake Erie Cooperative Weed Management Area was established in 2011 by 13 partners working in federal, state, and local government, non-governmental organizations, and universities dedicated to the prevention and spread of invasive species in Wayne and Monroe counties.

All DR-WLE CWMA members work collaboratively to:

  1. DETECTION, INVENTORY AND MONITORING. Cooperatively develop detection,
    inventory, and monitoring protocols across jurisdictional boundaries, and exchange data.
  2. PREVENTION. Prevent the establishment of new invasive plant species.
  3. INVASIVE SPECIES MANAGEMENT. Promote effective, integrated reduction methods,
    and eradication when possible, of invasive plant species that have already become established.
  4. COOPERATION. Facilitate development of cooperative agreements for local invasive plant management, which include opportunities for shared funding sources, personnel, including volunteers, equipment, contract crews, expertise, etc.
  5. INFORMATION EXCHANGE. Share technical information regarding new and established
    invasive species distribution, treatment locations, and reduction methods.
  6. EDUCATION. Increase public and staff awareness of invasive terrestrial and aquatic plants.

See Where We Work, in Wayne and Monroe counties.

Meet Our Staff, a chairperson and three technicians dedicated to healthy native ecosystems.

Our Members make up the body of our organization. They are the ones who’s lands we survey for invasive species.

Eco, from the Greek oikos, means home. Our community, our partners, and our team are taking care of our home.

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Detroit River-Western Lake Erie Cooperative Weed Management Area
Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center
5437 West Jefferson Ave
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