Reporting And Publications

A view of the Detroit River, Grosse Ile, Calf Island, and Lake Erie from the Refuge Gateway

Reports and tracking data makes it easier for outside organizations to gather information about current and future invasive species, and allows for the sharing of management practices. The DR-WLE CWMA reports their data and management methods to MISIN, PAMF, and through their annual reports.

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iNaturalist is a social networking service of naturalists, community scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across the globe.

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The Midwest Invasive Species Network is a regional resource for invasive species.

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The Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework is a tool that can be used to assess and manage individual populations of Phragmites (common reed grass).

The cover page from the 2019 DR-WLE CWMA Annual Report.


The DR-WLE CWMA publishes annual reports, grant results, and research related to and performed on CWMA member lands.

“No matter how intently one studies the hundred little dramas of the woods and meadows, one can never learn all the salient facts about any one of them.”

Aldo Leopold

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