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The Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework (PAMF) is a collective learning program open to all current and perspective Phragmites managers within the Great Lakes. The goal of PAMF is to determine best management practices for controlling invasive Phragmites. Participants from around the Great Lakes submit Phragmites monitoring and management data to bolster a predictive model, which uses participant data to learn which management techniques are most effective and efficient at reducing Phragmites infestations. Participation in this free program only requires 3-5 hours per year depending on the number of locations enrolled.  

In return for your participation, PAMF’s model provides site-specific annual management guidance that is based on data contributed by participants across the Great Lakes. Through this collective learning process, we can more quickly determine which management techniques best control Phragmites than if we were working alone!

Benefits of joining PAMF

  • Receive annual site-specific management guidance
  • Easy-to-follow standardized monitoring protocol and a PAMF monitoring kit
  • Access to the PAMF Web Hub to upload and store monitoring and management data
  • Be a part of, and contribute to, the collective learning process
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other Phragmites managers
  • Annual progress reports tailored to each enrolled site

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